Conard High School Musical

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Congratulations to the cast of Cinderella


Ella-   Mary Looney

Madame-Lila Goldstein

Gabrielle- Janey Lorenzo

Charlotte- Delina Bartolomei

Topher- Jake Yearsley

Sebastian- Ray Plocharczyk

Jean Michelle- Miles Brown

Pinkelton- Charlie Uthgenannt

Marie/Fairy Godmother- Zoe Schaefer

Fox- Mia Fox

Raccoon- Maggie Noble


Featured Dancers:

Couples (these are not pairings, only a list)

Zoe Healy                    Enoch Adelani

Katie Kopp                 Andre Costa

Nicole LaPorte            Alex Emanuelson

Riley Liburd                Cole Peterson

Charlotte Novak         Nick Roberts

Catie Ratchford          Daniel Santana- Gonzalez   


Featured Dancers

Zoe Healy

Katie Kopp

Nicole LaPorte

Riley Liburd

Charlotte Novak

Catie Ratchford

Mia Fox

Jenna Kopp

Maddie Gallinoto

Bridget Walsh

Gabby Urso

Julia Yanosy



Enoch Adelani

Samantha Bowin

Andre Costa

Wil Barry

Alex Emanuelson

Mia Fox

Maddie Gallinoto

Elizabeth Giles

Justin Goldstein

Mags Grabber

Katherine Gregory

Mugdha Gurram

Zoe Healey

Jenna Kopp

Katie Kopp

Drew LaCasse

Nicole LaPorte

Jake LaRosa

Riley Liburd

Allison Morhardt

Veronica Niedmann

Maggie Noble

Charlotte Novak

Kitana Park

Srikeerti Pringle

Cole Peterson

Sara Radonis

Catie Ratchford

Nick Roberts

Britney Salas

Daniel Santana- Gonzalez

Colin Savage

Maddie Schwartz

Mairead Thiery

Gabby Urso

Matthew Vitelli

Bridget Walsh

Emma Wright

Julia Yanosy




First read through is Friday, Dec 9 -FULL CAST 2:45-5:30 in the

choir room





*Performing members of the cast need to be a member of a music class or acting class during the particular year the show is produced.

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